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Why Use Facebook Advertising For Your Small Business?

Being a modern-day marketer isn’t really an easy job. With so many options out there, it is only likely that you’re mired in confusion. But while we can’t do everything, we must pick the channels that we think might make a cut. And this is exactly where social media comes into the picture. Social media platforms like Facebook are incredibly popular, for capturing target leads and driving the sales of your business. But how does Facebook advertising for business work and why exactly should you opt for it? Well, that’s exactly what you will find out in the next few sections.

Why Do You Need a Solid Marketing Plan for Facebook?

With a user base of 2.34 billion and 1.47 billion logs in daily, Facebook is still the place to be. After all, the platform fits all types of businesses and has a solid marketing plan for one and all. But in order for your Facebook marketing plan to make the cut, you will have to think outside the box. Posting to your Facebook fan page isn’t enough anymore, as the site has limited its organic reach. What’s more, the social media bigwig has also opted for an algorithm change to show what users actually want to see. And this is exactly why you need a solid and highly viable marketing plan for your Facebook page. This will not just help you drive traffic but will also ensure that the traffic is converted to actual, real-time leads. If, however, you aren’t yet convinced, we are going to clear the air over the next few sections.

Your Potential Customers Spend a Lot of Time on Facebook

Let’s get on with the facts. Almost 80% of internet users have an account on Facebook. In fact, even 65% of the adults above the age of 65 use this platform. What’s more, most of its users, check the platform multiple times every day. So regardless of who your audience base is, they are definitely using this social media platform, and they are using it more than once every day. So, if you’re really looking to tap into your audience base, there’s probably a no better option than Facebook. Since all your customers are on this platform, reaching out to them and converting them to actual, actionable leads will be easier than ever.

Facebook reaches a huge mobile audience

According to a Hootsuite article, 95 percent of Facebook visits have occurred on smartphones and tablets. Only 31,8 percent have occurred on desktops or laptops.

Facebook Advertising Highly Targeted

Since Facebook ads are highly targeted and easily trackable, you can always use it to reach out to your potential audience base. Owing to its targeted nature, you can actually tap into a specific audience according to their age, attitude, location, and interests. Once you know your potential customers, engaging them with Facebook advertisements will be easier than ever.

Facebook Advertising Is Incredibly Affordable

Facebook is one of the cheapest places to advertise online. You can actually’ spend only $2 to reach out to an audience base of 500-600 people. Also, since these people are actually your targeted, potential customers, driving your sales becomes easier with them. So, if you’ve been contemplating on spending for radio or television ads, think again, and replace all other available options with Facebook advertisements.

Quick and Hassle-Free

One of the defining aspects of Facebook advertisements is the fact that it is super-fast in delivering results. Unlike conventional advertisement options that take days or even weeks to deliver solid results, traffic and conversions from Facebook advertisements are immediate. So, if you want your business to reach hundreds of potential customers right away, nothing can work better than this.

Boosts your Brand Presence

If you’re looking to steadily build your brand awareness, nothing can work better than Facebook advertisements. This is indeed an excellent way to make your clients aware of what you can offer them. People need to see your offer multiple times before making a decision to buy, and this is exactly what Facebook helps you with. As more people are familiar with your product, their chances of purchasing it will substantially increase.

Helps you tap in new leads

Once you find a target audience that actually converts the way you want them to, you can eventually go on to clone them with Facebook. No, this isn’t a joke, and you can actually’ do this, thanks to Facebook’s feature of lookalike audiences’ that allows you to choose a customized set of audience. Once you make your pick, Facebook will reach out to the new people who are relatively similar to your chosen audience. In this way, you are likely to find more people who are really interested in your business.

Unlike any other social media platform, Facebook also allows you to set the size and specific targeting options so that your lookalike audience is a true reflection of your potential buyers. This approach is not just simple, but it also takes away the guesswork of tapping in new users. At the of the day you are left with new, qualified leads who’ll actually’ convert to buyers.

Measurable Results

While looking for a marketing strategy for our business, all of us crave for something that drives measurable results. And this is exactly what Facebook does. Unlike other channels, there’s absolutely no guesswork involved in Facebook advertisements. This means, the results can be measured, and the numbers too will speak for themselves. When you join their advertisement program, you will have a clear insight into the number of clicks, visits, and conversions you’re getting. In order to track this, however, you’ll have to install conversion pixels on your site. You can also consult your Facebook advertisement specialist for more help regarding this topic.

Get Repeat Business with Facebook

Yes, unlike any other advertisement channel, Facebook advertisements can help you drive repeat business from the users who had availed your service or purchased a product from you at some point in time. Using the audiences’ feature of this social media giant, you will be able to import customers emails to your advertisement campaign. This, in turn, will give you the option of direct advertising to the people who will most possibly make a purchase on your site.

Bottom Line

So now that you have a clear idea of why Facebook advertising for business is relevant, then what are you waiting for this excellent feature and drive your sales like never before or visit our service page here!


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