Excellent Social Media Advertising Services Under One Roof.

MG Digital Marketing can help your business with the following range of services:

Facebook Advertising

Facebook advertisement is a type of paid marketing that allows you to supplement the growth of your business through clicks and impressions. Facebook specializes in various ad formats that includes collection, lead generation ads, video and image advertisement, carousel, post engagement, and more. 

Instagram Advertising

Instagram is becoming a popular social media tool and it features a large variety of advertisement option to help you enrich the reach of your brand. Nearly 95% Instagram users are connected to Facebook; therefore, it gives you an additional advantage to boost your reach on both social media platforms.

Chatbot & Messenger Ads

Do you want to connect with your audience through Chatbot and Messenger ads? Let us know and we will integrate your business’ ads to the concerning platforms to enable the target audience to browse your product.

Increase your Business’ Value on Social Media

Reach out to us via contact and leave your requirements in the message box, and we will formulate a unique social media advertisement strategy relevant to your business.

Why Is Social Media Advertisement?

Social media advertisement is proven to churn out possible outcomes for a business. These outcomes are further evaluated to strategize the growth and success of the business.


Positive ROI

We help you gain a positive ROI on your Facebook advertisement by steering the direction of your campaign to the right direction. We help you direct your marketing efforts to your target audience and monitor Facebook Ad Reports to create a plan of action for your business.



Expand your audience

Facebook advertisement is ideal for businesses of all sizes to expand their businesses, and it helps them to identify their target audience without making additional marketing research.

Achieve your business objectives with my fully managed Facebook ad service

Increase Brand Awareness

Increase Website Exposure

Increase referral traffic to your website via Facebook conversions

 Create a base of loyal audience

Our Facebook ad management includes:

  • Create a business page in case you don't have one
  • Facebook advertising set up
  • Facebook Pixel installation on your website
  • Build Custom Audiences
  • Budget consulting and planning
  • Ads creative designed including image, video(if supplied), ad copywriting
  • Up to 3 campaign set up 
  • Daily campaign monitoring and optimization
  • Manage ad spending
  • Set up remarketing
  • Weekly campaign performance reports with recommendation for optimizing all aspects of the campaigns.

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Our Approach...


We want you to explain us as much as possible about your business, your target customers and your advertising goals. That way, we'll be able to build the best Facebook campaign possible for you.

Account Set Up

Account set up is a multi-step process that can include setting up your Facebook business page(in case you don't have one),business manager account and configuring your ad account so all components are working together. Remember, your ad account will be yours and be able to check report whenever you want.

Launch And Optimization

After launching your campaign, we'll be closely monitored the performance of your ads. Optimize what works and pause what does not. We'll provide weekly reports so you'll always know how your campaigns are performing.

Wondering what the best plan for your digital marketing?

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