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How Local Business Can Survive During This Uncertain Time

Covid-19 is spreading quickly around the world, producing massive adverse effects on the economy. Local business in Curacao also takes a hit by Coronavirus crisis, as people will go out less and turn to alternative ways of shopping. This is the moment, when you, as a local business owner, have to make the best decisions to ensure your company's survival during these uncertain times.

It is challenging, but together we will pass through this. Prepare yourself for the effect of this crisis and decide wisely, to be able to take advantage of the recovery. It is a hard task, but not an impossible one.

 Remember, In every crisis lies opportunity. People who are successful are not lucky; they are just prepared for opportunities that come their way. Anticipation is power.

In every crisis lies opportunity. People who are successful are not lucky; they are just prepared for opportunities that come their way. Anticipation is power.

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We gathered a list of ten tips that will help your business thrive in this unfriendly environment. Remember, they are not problems, but opportunities. With his in mind, let's see the solutions that will help your local business survive during the crisis.

1. Take action now for your business survival

There is no need to sugarcoat this crisis or hope that will go away and everything will come back as it was before. You should be aware that the business environment will change and your company must keep up.

You should take action now and don't delay it. The sooner you react, the better it will be for your company in the long run. Successful businesses must adapt. This is the first rule for surviving. Let's see further other important tips you must follow during this crisis to ensure survival.

2. Build a community

Physical social distance affects every sector of business, but also the consumers. You must adapt, and fortunately, the internet provides an excellent opportunity for you to stay in touch with your audience. You should focus on social media platforms and advertising strategies on this media. Your local business must be present on social platforms for your customers. Do you want to know how to start now? Here are 25 Facebook Marketing tips.

Users rely on social media now more than ever to inform themselves about the effects of coronavirus, development of the crisis but also are searching for new ways to reach brands. This is your opportunity to stand in front of your competition and develop a great campaign that will help you to build a community and gain the confidence of your potential customers. This is an essential move, but not enough; let's see what more you can do to ensure your company's survival.

3. Focus on online

It is essential to move your attention online in this crisis. Customers change their shopping behavior, and because they must keep distance and stay isolated as much as possible in this period, they will focus on online shopping. Your current business strategy must focus on online sales.

4. Communicate with customers frequently

You can use different techniques to stay in touch with your customers. Apart from active communication in social media, you should also reach them by using email marketing, messages. Existing customers are as valuable as new customers in this crisis.You should take great care of them, offer proper customer support, and keep them satisfied to ensure that they will come back and buy more from your business.

Let them know that you are still there for them, and you do all you can to provide them the best products/services in the safest ways possible. So you must value existing customers, but also focus on getting new ones. Let's see how you can do so.

5. Consider new ways of delivery

this is an essential part of online selling techniques. You can choose to deliver your products/services through home delivery, mail, or virtual services. You can also offer delivery tax discounts to encourage people to buy from your company. Delivery is highly essential nowadays, but you also must focus on other aspects of your business, that we will discuss further.

6. Improve business your local business

Benefit from every little break you have caused by this crisis to be productive.Think about ways to improve your products/services or customer service. If you postponed business changes, now it's time to focus on them. Prepare your local business to be even stronger after the coronavirus outbreak will end. You can also think of custom training for you and your employees. Consider this crisis as an opportunity to develop yourself, your employees, and your business.

With the ways of improving business in mind, you should also focus on keeping your staff motivated and safe and also work harder on your marketing strategies. Let's find out how you can manage these aspects.

7. Focus on work-from-home

Many businesses choose to work remotely during this crisis. It is the best decision you can make as a local business owner if your employees can perform their duties from home. It may be necessary to increase the level of technology to make communication as smooth as possible.

If you operate from a server, for example, you may consider setting up VPN access for employees to access their work computers from their home. You can find the right solutions to make work-from-home a success.

8. Change your marketing strategies

Pay attention to your audience and observe what they need at this time and what they expect from you. You should be creative and find new ways to market and sell. Ask yourself: Given the current situation, what can I provide to my customers to resonate with them? This is how you will be able to know in which direction you should stir your local business.

9. Encourage your employees

You must be aware of the fact that not only you live these uncertain times, but also your employees. You should position as a leader and inspire them to trust and give them courage. Don't complain about the situation; instead, look for solutions and ways to adapt.

As a local business owner, you should maintain excellent, correct communication with the staff and don't plan too far. Things are changing rapidly, so don't jump into conclusions fast. Take small steps and observe the development of the crisis. Be ready to change the plans if the situation asks it.

10. Show humanity

This is the correct thing to do now. Everybody experiences hard times, and the community needs help. Be there for them as much as you can, show that you care and you are all in this together. This will not only is the right thing to do but will help your brand image and position as a strong local business.

You will show that your company is trustworthy, reliable and is there for the community in which it activates. You can do so in numerous ways, such as to donate a percentage of the sales to hospitals that fight directly with the impact of Covid-19 or help the persons affected by the virus.


These are the main tips that will ensure your business success in this crisis. You must keep yourself, as a local business owner, motivated and encourage your staff. You are the leader, and success depends on your decisions.

 Prepare your company to switch online, focus on your social media strategy, by creating a strong bond with your community. Together we are powerful, and we can thrive in these uncertain times. Take action now, and look for opportunities instead of focusing on problems.

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