December 26


Facebook Messenger For Your Small Business.

Wondering how to use Facebook Messenger ad?

Looking for an easy way to create a real conversation with your prospects?

In this article, we explore the type of messenger ad that you can use now to reach the ideal prospect.

If you want to know more all you want to do is to scroll down and enjoy....

Now  are you thinking if  Messenger ads are actually effective?”

Short answer: If you’re advertising to humans, Messenger ads are great, period.

Longer answer: Messenger ads are great, so keep reading this article to discover the ninja thing you can do with it.

 If you’re advertising to humans, Messenger ads are great, period.

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People go onto Facebook and Instagram to be entertained and have conversations. If done correctly, your ads can facilitate conversations with prospective customers in an easy, personable way that most businesses are sleeping on.

There are 3 types of Messenger Ads:

1️ Click-to-Messenger

2️ Sponsored Inbox

3️ Comment to Automated Message

1- Click-to-Facebook Messenger Ads

When someone clicks an ad’s “Send Message” button (like in the GIF above), Facebook automatically opens a private conversation, inside Facebook’s Messenger platform, between the user and the Business Page that is running the ad.

Cool, right?

Ads with the “Send Message” button are probably the most common Messenger ads and fun fact: This is currently the default ad format Facebook suggests when boosting a post.

As a Good marketer though, you should know that just because Facebook sets something as a default doesn’t mean it’s automatically the smartest play. You still need to learn how to best use these ads.

We recommend testing Click-to-Messenger ads:

To initiate a new conversation that builds trust and offers your expertise to someone who’s “on the fence” about buying your product or service

When you’re able to deliver valuable customer support through quick (less than 15 minutes) responses

If you have an automated messenger strategy in place through the use of Bots.

2- Sponsored Facebook Message Ads

These ads show up in people’s Messenger inbox, mixed in between the conversations they’re having with their friends and family.

It’s important to know that these ads can only be shown to people who have already sent a previous message to your Business Page.

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In other words, if you never messaged the MG Digital Marketing Facebook page, then we can’t send you a sponsored message.

Use Sponsored Message ads to follow up with the people who are already talking to your business in Messenger - these are likely some of your hottest leads.

3- Comment (on Ad) to Automated Facebook Message

So without getting too “techy” here, this type of ad will automatically open up a private conversation in Facebook’s Messenger platform AFTER they leave a comment on the ad.

This ad can be particularly effective because if someone comments on your ad, it helps Facebook know your audience likes the ad, which allows Facebook to reward you by showing the ad to more people for less money.

To really make this ad work for you, we recommend connecting your ad to a bot using an app like ManyChat or mobilemonkey. You can test them to see what is the best fit for you.


To decide if Messenger ads are right for you, determine whether you or your client are committed to responding to replies in a timely manner. If not, you’re wasting money - let me explain:

If someone ends up messaging you (aka, doing exactly what you asked them to do) but no one responds, that’s going to be annoying and degrade the trust they have in the brand.

If you’d like to learn how to actually build these types of ads and attract more customers, then contact us today.


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