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7 Facebook Ads Tips for your Restaurant

facebook ads for restaurant

Imagine Facebook ads could bring more revenue to your table at the insane level of competition that every owner of a restaurant faces nowadays.

Imagine everyone who needs to eat choose your restaurant over the one down the street or the other one in a more scenic location.

Well, it doesn’t have to be this way.

7 Facebook ads tips for your restaurant are only a few scrolls away.

And, all you have to do to learn them for absolutely free is to scroll down the page.

But first, why Facebook ads for your restaurant?

Facebook is a daily part of life for most of the working world. with more than 2.4 billion monthly active users. It’s the largest (and most powerful) distribution network on planet earth. Don’t be surprised if your grandmother is on Facebook as it is great way to reconnect with old friends and make new ones. These days, people also use Facebook to find new restaurants as almost all establishments have their own Facebook page. When you like a restaurant, a bunch of recommendations will show up.

Facebook also helps small and medium companies expand their business through Facebook advertising. It is a cost-effective way of expanding your reach of customers through this social media platform. With the right strategies, it won’t be long before your restaurant escalates its popularity.

Are you still with me?

Let me break this down for you in the next few line, simply, don't stop scrolling.

1- What makes you unique?

There has to be something about your restaurant concept that makes it different from the rest of the competition. If there isn’t any, then you are no better than your competitors. One nice example would be your ordering system as it makes everything simple for the customers. Another great example would be the award-winning chef who conceptualized the menu. There is no doubt your customers would be looking forward to eating there especially if the chef is pretty popular.

2- Organize a Free Food Event with Facebook ads

Who doesn’t like free food, right? When Facebook boost an event like that, the possibilities are endless. The theme of the event would depend on the occasion. For example, if there is festivity and you want to take part in the festivities by providing unlimited beer to those who consume a certain minimum amount. When people hear about that, they will definitely go there as there is nothing like free bottomless beer. They will definitely be tempted to order more food. You don’t have to make everything free as you may end up running out of supplies.

You can just make a certain part of the menu free and if they see the other part is interesting then they will certainly order again. The event could have some games so everyone will have fun. The main goal is to spread the word about your restaurant so be sure to make it something big. When your customers post about it on their social media accounts you know you did something right.

3- Use Location Targeting

Before you even start thinking to create the ad to market your restaurant, you need to make sure your ads are showing to the right people at the right location. For instance, be sure to pin the correct location unless you want people to travel a long way just to get there. That is extremely doubtful because there are also a lot of restaurants in their area. The only chance you have of them eating at your restaurant is if they are in the area as tourists. Otherwise, it would be best to target people who are living in the area of your restaurant. All you need to do is to enter the zip code and you can even add the zip codes of nearby areas if you think there is a chance they will go to your restaurant. Besides, there is no harm in doing that.

4- Target people most likely to dine with you

Traditional advertising like radio, TV, Newspapers can only play within the radius of a tower, there are some limitations in reaching your real customers but Facebook ads are not limited and you can track the results of your ads.You can target an audience with specific lifestyles, behaviors, demographics, and interests. Facebook lets you go after your ideal customers. For example, let assume you run a barbecue in your area targeted local people. When you go to the section of details targeting, under interests, there is “Food and Drink” where you can target those interested in “Fast food restaurants” and “Barbecue.”

Facebook ads are not limited and you can track the results of your ads. 

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5- Take Advantage of Lookalike Audiences

Facebook has a certain feature you would need to take advantage of if you own a restaurant. If your restaurant has been around for quite some time, you should already have a list of your customers in your email.

You can upload your customer list to Facebook, you can target ads to users who are similar to the customers in your current list by creating a lookalike audience. In doing so, you’re expanding an audience most likely interested in your business.

facebook advertising for restaurant

6- Take Advantage of Seasonal Boosts with Facebook ads

There are times of the year when your sales will go up. It really depends on the concept of your restaurant or where you are located. For example, if you are a sports bar then you can expect a lot of people to go there during the football season. Thus, why not take advantage of that and advertise the games that you will be showing on Facebook? When football fans see that their team is playing, they won’t hesitate to go to your establishment and watch the game. Depending on how long the game goes, they may end up consuming a lot more food and drinks than they thought.

7- Develop a Loyalty Program

Did you know 57% of adult consumers will more likely visit restaurants that offer some of the loyalty programs for their customers? When you give a free dinner to a customer who dined six times, or get one free coffee when they had seven coffees in your bar, etc. This is a great way to show your repeat customers respect and thank them for how important they are for your business.

Did you know 57% of adult consumers will more likely visit restaurants that offer some of the loyalty programs for their customers?

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Final Word

While being a restaurant owner can be extremely challenging due to the high level of competition, it can also be extremely creative and fun! So let your creative juices flow right into Facebook and you’ll be fascinating more and more diners to come grab a spot at your table.

By the way, if you want help with advertising your restaurant on Facebook you can contact us here


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