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25 Facebook Marketing Tips For Your Small Business.

facebook marketing tips for small business

Facebook marketing can really be a huge advantage for your small business if you really care about the exposure of your business online. Because statistics show that Facebook is the most popular social media platform used by approximately 2.4 billion people globally. It presents a huge opportunity for small businesses since they can reach a massive audience, without spending too much on marketing campaigns. Below are some of the effective Facebook advertising for small business strategies that you can use to reach more customers:-

1. Open a professional Facebook business page

This is the first step to using Facebook for brand promotion. Unlike a regular page, a business one looks more professional and will entice viewers to read more about what you have to offer. In your profile, mention all the quick details that potential customers need to know, such as your company name, business motto, location and contact information.

2. Post smart content On Facebook

Curate your content in such a way that it adds value to your audience and naturally appeals to them, this will help you build strong relationships with your followers and also appear as an expert before their eyes. One of the ways to create smart content is by reading what influencers and market leaders in your sector are posting, so that you can also use the same format when making your own content.

3. Use Facebook Live to communicate with your customers one-on-one

Facebook Live allows for face-to-face interactions with your audience in order to create much deeper bonds. Moreover, it can stream from other social media platforms such as Periscope, Hangouts and more for an even wider audience reach. Nevertheless, you should prepare well for a live broadcast in order to benefit from it. Choose your location carefully and if possible place a background effect that truly represents your brand.

4. Communicate frequently with your followers 

Try to initiate lots of engagements and conversations from yourself and the followers, this way the audience will constantly be interested in what you share and not get bored easily. For instance, you can follow back some of your most active viewers and even 'Like’ some of the content they post on their own pages so that they can feel appreciated by the company. Similarly, you can invite them to participate in any milestone event in your business calendar, so as to feel involved.

5. Add your business on Facebook Maps

Facebook has a 'Check-in’ feature that allows people to know the places you’ve visited, which in this case is your small business. If your startup is local, then this function can be particularly helpful as each time a customer visits your store the check-in symbol pointing back to your business shall appear on their timeline and let others know about your company and its location.

6. Add attractive photos and screenshots to accompany your marketing content

Visual content is more engaging than written material and people often tend to gravitate towards it more. In fact, studies show that the human brain typically processes pictures 60,000 times much quicker than text, mainly because images stir emotions. Therefore, adding attractive photos next to your Facebook posts can make the content appear more engaging.

7. Target your niche audience 

There are all categories of people using Facebook, which includes; men, women, teenagers, under-40s and so on. Hence, you stand a higher chance of getting actual click-through and purchases if your campaigns only focus on the specific target group you’re eyeing.

8. Tell stories that lead viewers to your products

Storytelling is an effective way of marketing your small business on Facebook, as it allows audiences to keep in touch with your company on a daily basis without sounding too promotional. You can share stories with your followers about behind-the-scene happenings in your business, exclusive offers or even funny memes.

9. Use paid Facebook campaign ads to market your business.

Facebook Paid Ads are useful if you want to reach a wider audience, other than those people who already know about your business and are already following it. The ads will appear randomly on the profile pages of multiple Facebook users you’ve targeted, and if they’re interested then a click-through will follow taking them directly to your website.

10. Use internal and external Facebook links to grow your organic search

You can add a Facebook link at the bottom of your website, blog or any other random internet pages, where visitors can click after reading the content and be directed to your official social media account for more information. Alternatively, you can place links referring back to your website on your Facebook page for the same results.

11. Upload a nice profile photo that represents your brand

Never underestimate the power of a profile picture in attracting viewers, remember it’s your profile photo which appears on people’s timelines and news feeds when content is posted, meaning it just has to be attractive. Typically, viewers will associate your profile-photo with the brand you’re promoting, so ensure it’s something you are proud of as a company.

12. Develop creative strategies to constantly keep your audience engaged

In most cases, social media audiences are constantly looking for posts that can keep them excited, and have short attention spans in that if they don’t find your content amusing they will simply scroll down to other posts. Therefore, when doing Facebook advertising for small business, always ensure that you keep the viewers engaged by adding random things such as weekly promotions, discount offers and Q & A (question & answers) forums.

13. Add a call-to-action at the end of each post

It’s recommended to add a call-to-action message at the end of each Facebook content, so that readers can be encouraged to contact you personally for more details on the product being sold, and not just go through your online posts for entertainment purposes. Some common call-to-action messages you can include are; 'For more about this product feel free to contact us,’ 'Call us today for more details’ or 'You can reach us today for more information.’

14. Look for content that has potential to go viral

One of the advantages of marketing on Facebook is that your business has the potential of becoming successful overnight if your posts go viral. A viral content is wildly popular across the social media platform and generates a lot of likes and fans. Nowadays, you can easily go viral by creating a social media challenge that’s exciting to people, such as a dance challenge involving employees in your company.

15. Avoid posting spam links on Facebook groups

There are businesses that may be tempted to flood random Facebook groups with links back to their page or business site, but this is not an effective marketing strategy, as it will only annoy the group-members who shall view the company in bad light. Nobody wants to see their local community page filled up with spam links and other unnecessary marketing items.

16. Remember to add captions to your videos when upload on Facebook

Captions give viewers brief details on what to expect once they click on your Facebook videos, it allows them to assess whether it’s something they want to watch or not beforehand. In fact, a study by HootSuite shows that approximately 85% of all videos uploaded on Facebook are viewed with their sound muted, which just shows how important captions are in helping viewers understand the video information.

17. Post content when your audience is most active online

Usually, different types of Facebook users are active on the platform at their own specific times. While some may login regularly during morning hours, others prefer visiting the social media site in the evening after coming back from school or work. The secret is knowing when your target-audience is most active on the network, so as to focus your campaigns during this period.

18. Always be open to new marketing tips strategies

The internet is constantly evolving and new advertisement methods are rapidly being introduced for promoters. For instance, in the past you could not use emoji’s on Facebook, but now they are available and you can use them to tell your followers how you exactly feel about certain situations. As a marketer, you should be able to adapt your ad strategies to include these new technologies.

19. Optimize your profile page 

A profile page gives viewers a first-hand impression of what your business is all about. Therefore, it should be well-organized and give audiences an easy way of finding the particular information they need about your business. Try to optimize tabs, restructure content hierarchy and ensure the information provided is correct so that users can have a smooth browsing experience.

20. Use Facebook for customer service

Facebook is an ideal platform for answering your customers’ queries and questions, since responses are usually given faster than email messaging and this can help build trust between you and them. Moreover, since your company responses are often seen by many people and not just those seeking help, it often helps in creating lead generation.

21. Use Facebook business manager

When you create a Facebook Business Manager, it becomes a central space to manage your business separate from your personal Facebook profile. You'll manage your Pages and ad accounts in Business Manager, so you never have to worry about mixing business content with your personal content.

You can use Facebook Business manager to run and track your ads, manage assets such as your Pages and ad accounts, and add an agency or marketing partners to help manage your business.

22. Retarget viewers who have watched your videos using Facebook Ads Manager

If you feel like you need to run a specific video ad severally in order to fully capture the audience’s attention, this can easily be done through the Facebook Ads Manager program. For instance, you may start by running a basic video showing the audience general information about your business, then later establish a retargeted ad giving discounts to those who take the step of making a purchase.

23. Make use of product catalog ads

Through Facebook’s item catalog ads, you can create a smoother browsing experience for potential customers, and encourage more visitors to discover your products and engage with the company openly. Furthermore, it allows promoters to link an existing catalog from other external sources such as Google.

24. Measure & analyze campaign strategies that work and those which require fine-tuning

Sometimes, not every marketing strategy you employ on Facebook shall work. Therefore, it’s recommended to have a system for measuring the effectiveness of your ads so as to know if they are useful. Facebook has tools that allow you to determine how many clicks an ad received within a particular period, as well as how many of them turned into actual conversions.

25. Be friendly to your Facebook followers

In order to build strong friendships with your followers, regularly check on them and get to know how they are doing. Say 'Hi’ when it’s appropriate or comment on their Facebook status, so that they can feel it’s not all about business with you but building friendships that last. This way they shall be more loyal to your company and even refer you to their friends where possible.


Market your small business on the largest and the most powerful social media on planet earth is a huge advantage on your competitors but you have to know how to do it in the right way. If you really need help to get your small business in front of your ideal prospect, don't hesitate to contact us here.

By the way, I would like to hear your thought about this in the comment section below.


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